Healthy Back Yoga

Healthy Back Yoga: 7-Week Practice to Relieve Back Pain

Whereas back pain sufferers may not find general classes appropriate for their needs, this class provides a slow-paced, safe environment to accommodate healing yoga postures suitable for each individual.

By learning to find comfort in our bodies and release tension, we start to investigate the origins and causes of our pain. By addressing our habits and mis-alignments we can bring more awareness to creating new movement patterns.

Reviews From Healthy Back Yoga Students

“I want to thank you so much for the Healthy Back class online. I currently have a extruding disc and a vertebrae that is 11 mm into my spinal corridor. I am on pain meds and doing all the things with Chiro, RMT and PT while waiting for a root block and surgery. Your class has been a lifesaver for me and I thoroughly enjoy it. I appreciated reading your story as well. Thank you.” — Moira

“I had experienced debiliting low back and sciatic leg pain since June 2014 when I strained my back while gardening… I tried physiotherapy several times per week, laser therapy, traction, massage, and was prescribed Lyrica to help with the pain. These treatments provided only mild, temporary relief. Finally in April 2015, after being encouraged by a friend, I tried your Healthy Back Yoga Sessions and miraculously I experienced immediate pain relief. By participating in these classes as well as the Therapeutic Classes I have noticed steady improvement with my back issues and have an overall feeling of well being. Consultation with an orthopedic surgeon in June 2015 indicated that surgery was not necessary as I am currently symptom free.” — Sandy Barns

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